Air Dancers


  • 3x3m¬† $ 70.00

  • 3x6m $ 125.00

  • Bigger sizes available on request


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Air Dancers

Air dancers are an inflatable tube made of light weight material blown vertically for eye catching advertising purposes. With a 3/4 horse power blower pushing air up through the tube (torso) and out through the vents (arms) the pressure inside the tube changes often causing the tube to move up and down and the arms to wave, or dance. The result is large a outdoor advertising medium the swings and sways to really catch peoples attention.

We provide everything with the Air Dancer to start getting peoples attention, easy to set up, all you need is to attach the tube to the fan with velcro, plug in to mains power, switch it on and away you go!

The nature of the Air Dancer make a great ‘OPEN’ sign. Each time the air pressure changes inside the tube the dancer is forced to swing and sway about. Our range is brightly coloured.

At 3 to 5 meters tall Air Dancers really tower over other outdoor marketing mediums.

For information please phone 0800 025278 or email us through our contacts page =)







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