Tips on hiring bouncy castle

Hiring or Purchasing a Bouncy Castle
Bouncy castles or inflatable’s come in a variety of shapes and sizes. To pick the best one for the event being organised – there are a few simple rules to follow. These are:

* What is the event for? This will help decide the aesthetic of the bouncy castle.

* How old are the people who will be using the bouncy castle? This will help decide the size and suitability of the bouncy castle. Adults should only use bouncy castles suitable for their weight.

* How much space is available at the location for the bouncy castle? This will assist with the size of the bouncy castle.

When addressing these questions, remember to keep in mind that a bouncy castle requires anchor weights and a blower to run. These also need space alongside the actual bouncy castle itself.

By asking these three simple questions, they will hopefully uncover not only the safest choice but most appropriate looking bouncy castle for the event. For example, the type of bouncy castle for a children’s birthday party in a back yard will be different from the type appropriate for an engagement party in a field.

If you have never used or hired a bouncy castle before, it is strongly recommended that you hire and not purchase one in the first instance.

Safety Tips
Safety considerations for a bouncy castle can be broken down into the following rules.

It is important to scout a suitable location for the bouncy castle. The location must be:

* Flat and even ground with room for people to get on and off comfortably and not on top of each other.

* Somewhere that accommodates the devices to anchor the bouncy castle to the ground. This will most likely be large weights or sand bags.

* Set up a safe pathway to the bouncy castle that avoids and ensures the anchors, electrical leads and blower are safely out of harm’s way.

The location must also accommodate space for:

* A rain cover

* Electrical extension cables. Time and preparation must be given to the extension cables to ensure they are not a potential hazard for tripping.

* Power points to plug the bouncy castle in or room for a generator.

* A safety mat out the front.

Also, never move the castle once it has been set up. Moving the castle could mean that it becomes unstable, and this in turn puts the risk of the blower coming dislodged higher. Additionally, it puts pressure and strain on the anchors.

Always ensure the bouncy castle is being supervised and monitored by a responsible adult at all times. The role of the appointed person should be to:

* Direct the participants on and off the bouncy castle.

* Ensure that not too many people are on the bouncy castle at any given time. It is advised to have set in place a limit to the number of people on the castle at any given time. Perhaps provide other toys and activities to occupy those not using the the bouncy castle. Ball games and Nerf guns are always winners.

* Ensure that the participants are engaging in the rules for safe usage of the bouncy castle.

* Watch the belongings of those enjoying the bouncy castle.

* Stop adults and children using the bouncy castle at the same time as this is unsafe. Even if extra care is taken, the weight of an adult could severely harm a small child if a collision occurs.

* Stop any unruly behaviour that could cause an injury before it becomes too serious.

It is also a wise idea that the person who is placed in this role avoids:

* Being tired

* Drinking alcoholic beverages

* Take on the role and then leave the bouncy castle unattended

The Weather
Always keep an eye on the weather. Too much wind or water can present safety hazards making the activity unsafe for all users. If the weather is very bad, it is best to deflate and put the bouncy castle securely away. This will also help protect the bouncy castle for future use. If it is wet, remember to find a dry place to air dry the bouncy castle to ensure it is completely dry before putting it away. It is also advisable to store it in a damp free location. This will stop mould growing between use.

Clothes and Shoes
To avoid stepping on or bouncing on other people, it is best to have a ‘no shoe’ policy. It is also advised to encourage the participants to wear appropriate clothing (where possible) and to remove any jewellery. This is to protect both the wearer, fellow participant and the bouncy castle itself.

Secure Placement of the Blower
Always ensure the location of the blower (the machine used to blow up the bouncy castle and keep it that way) is safely out of the reach of all guests at the event. It is best to section of this area with rope or bollards.

Ask Advice
Talk to the hirer or purchase company before making a decision about which bouncy castle to go with. It is their job to ensure the best possible outcome and will be able to inform on the suitable choices available.

Always ask the company if they have:

* Public liability insurance cover

* Safety instruction sheet

* What their customer disclaimer form includes

* Ask the seller/hirer the dimensions required for the bouncy castle as well as the blower and anchors.

Hot Tip
Go to other events that have a bouncy castle and see how it is managed. Look for:

* How securely the bouncy castle is anchored.

* Who is supervising the castle and what are they doing to ensure it is safe? Are they in control?

* How many children or people are using the bouncy castle at any given time? Does this seem appropriate?

Buying a Bouncy Castle From eBay
eBay offers hundreds of different bouncy castles and products. These include different types of bouncy castles in all shapes and sizes, including castles that have slides. The bouncy castles offered are also open, closed, or even castles specifically built for early year’s children.

Auction sites like eBay are known for competitive pricing and unbeatable reliability meaning there is literally an affordable option for everyone. What makes eBay even more accessible is their selection of flexible payment options.

To find the products sought after, the process on eBay is simple. Simply visit the Outdoors Toys & Activities portal which leads directly to the Bouncy Castles & Inflatables section. Once there, it is possible to make a more detailed search for the desired product or accessory.

As an alternate option, it is also possible to use specific search terms in the search box. This search box is located on every single page so it is easily accessible at any given time whilst using the site. This search function will help the user find exactly what they are after even if the exact name of the item is unknown.

Because there is so much choice, it is important that the item wanted matches what is being purchased. Use the photographs provided to ensure the quality matches the description. It is also possible to Ask the Seller a question if additional details are wanted or outstanding. Visit the Buying Tips page for more information.

When the item has been checked and verified, you can either place a Bid, Buy it Now, or put down your Best Offer. Buying with PayPal will ensure the transaction will go smoothly. eBay users are protected by the Buyer Protection Program.

Bouncy castles are a fun and enjoyable activity at any special event; however, it is vital that proper safety procedures are set in place to ensure all participants enjoy the activity with minimum. It is the responsibility of the adults setting the castle up to ensure it is done correctly. If the bouncy castle is set up properly, taking into consideration all of the above suggestions, this is half the job done.

All that remains is to follow all the safety precautions for the entire duration of the time the bouncy castle is being used. Clear signage outlining the rules and a responsible adult supervising the area at all times will help keep everything in place.

By following all of the above precautions, a bouncy castle will offer hours of fun to any event and be enjoyed by all.

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